Teen Quotes

John C. Maxwell #Life #Teen

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up.
Jane Fonda #Future #Politics #Teen

Photo of Jane Fonda It's about time we make the well-being of our young people more important than ideology and politics. As a country, we benefit from investing in their future by investing in teen pregnancy prevention.
Andrew Shue #Cool #Teen

Photo of Andrew Shue If you can get a teen leader in each sector of a student population, you can pull people in. Everybody wants to get involved, but most are too afraid. When they see a person they think is cool leading it, they're first to join.
Terry Brooks #Imagination #Teen

Photo of Terry Brooks Growing up, I didn't have a lot of toys, and personal entertainment depended on individual ingenuity and imagination - think up a story and go live it for an afternoon.
Martina McBride #Dad #Teen

Photo of Martina McBride I was into all kinds of music as a teen - country music, because my dad was in a band that played country, and whatever my sister and brother were into.
Leelee Sobieski #Movies #Teen

Photo of Leelee Sobieski I did try to get a few of those teen high-school movies, but they just didn't like me. I guess I wasn't a certain type.
Connie Stevens #Smile #Teen

Photo of Connie Stevens I love the live performances and Las Vegas. I also like making films that are being discovered by another generation. Having been a teen idol of the '60s is great because you realize you left your generation with a smile and good memories.
Julie Burchill #Age #Teen

As a precocious teen I dreamed of being Graham Greene. Well, as it turned out, I never wrote a great novel, sadly, and I never converted to Catholicism, happily, but I did do one thing he did. That is, in middle age I moved to a seaside town and got into a right barney with the local powers-that-be.
Sophia Bush #Amazing #Best #Teen #Time

Photo of Sophia Bush Being a teenager is an amazing time and a hard time. It's when you make your best friends - I have girls who will never leave my heart and I still talk to. You get the best and the worst as a teen. You have the best friendships and the worst heartbreaks.
Tim Gunn #Teacher #Teen

Photo of Tim Gunn If you told me when I was a teen that I would end up being a teacher, I would have said you're out of your mind, because quite frankly I hated school.
John Green #Politics #Romantic #Teen

We don't tend to write about disease in fiction - not just teen novels but all American novels - because it doesn't fit in with our idea of the heroic romantic epic. There is room only for sacrifice, heroism, war, politics and family struggle.
Robert Cormier #Alone #Teen

I have always had a sense that we are all pretty much alone in life, particularly in adolescence.
Miranda Otto #Cool #Teen

Photo of Miranda Otto I think you go through a period as a teenager of being quite cool and unaffected by things.
e. e. cummings #Courage #Teen

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
Jane Fonda #Health #Teen

Photo of Jane Fonda Children born to teens have less supportive and stimulating environments, poorer health, lower cognitive development, and worse educational outcomes. Children of teen mothers are at increased risk of being in foster care and becoming teen parents themselves, thereby repeating the cycle.
Andy Cohen #Attitude #Teen

I fell in love with Erica Kane the summer before my freshman year of high school. Like all red-blooded teen American boys, I'd come home from water polo practice and eat a box of Entenmann's Pop'Ems donut holes in front of the TV while obsessively fawning over 'All My Children' and Erica, her clothes, and her narcissistic attitude.
Adriana Lima #Alone #Family #Teen

Photo of Adriana Lima I'm a teenager, but I'm independent - I have my own apartment, I have my own life. And I think I have learned more than any of those teenagers have in school. I learned to be responsible, leaving my family and coming here alone.
Louise J. Kaplan #Sympathy #Teen

Children, even infants, are capable of sympathy. But only after adolescence are we capable of compassion.
Adam Brody #Cool #Teen

Photo of Adam Brody I have been in teen shows for years, so doing that stuff - kissing - is kind of commonplace and not a big deal. It was way more cool just because it was Meg Ryan.
Anna Chlumsky #Mom #Teen #Trust

I had no idea of the size of my bank account as a teen, and I didn't care to know. That was my mom's job, I figured that I would just find out when I turned 18. If you can't trust your mom, then who can you trust?
John Hughes #Movies #Teen

At the time I came along, Hollywood's idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers!
Jeff Healey #Teen

Photo of Jeff Healey I progressed through so many different styles of music through my teen years, both as a player and a vocalist, particularly the jazz and pop of the early 20th Century.
Brendan Fehr #Teen

Photo of Brendan Fehr Just because you have teenagers in a movie doesn't make it a teen movie.
Shaun Cassidy #Teen

Photo of Shaun Cassidy I was a teen idol and that has a short shelf life.
Dana Snyder #Teen

Photo of Dana Snyder I love being a part of Aqua Teen.