Health Quotes

Loni Anderson #Education #Health

Photo of Loni Anderson I've been working with the National Lung Health Education Program to raise awareness about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
Ron Wyden #Government #Health

Photo of Ron Wyden Many health care providers, particularly physicians in rural and urban areas, are leaving the Government programs because of inadequate reimbursement rates.
Mahalia Jackson #Faith #Health

Photo of Mahalia Jackson Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul man cannot live in health without them.
Annette Funicello #Change #Health

Photo of Annette Funicello When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second your whole life could change.
Alexander Pope #Alone #Health

Photo of Alexander Pope Health consists with temperance alone.
Michelle Obama #Education #Health #Truth

Photo of Michelle Obama The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.
Olivia Newton-John #Family #Health

Photo of Olivia Newton-John Family, nature and health all go together.
Hamid Karzai #Education #Health

The West has been able to bring Afghanistan a much better health service, better education, better roads, a better economy, though some have benefited more some have benefited less from that economic well-being in Afghanistan.
P. J. O'Rourke #Great #Health #New Years

Photo of P. J. O'Rourke If you are young and you drink a great deal it will spoil your health, slow your mind, make you fat - in other words, turn you into an adult.
P. J. O'Rourke #Education #Health #Positive

Photo of P. J. O'Rourke Positive rights are the right to shelter, the right to education, the right to health care, the right to a living wage. These things are - these are, I would call them, more properly, political rights rather than positive rights. And they are extremely tricky, because now we are dealing with things that are zero sum.
Andrew Weil #Diet #Health

I have argued for years that we do not have a health care system in America. We have a disease-management system - one that depends on ruinously expensive drugs and surgeries that treat health conditions after they manifest rather than giving our citizens simple diet, lifestyle and therapeutic tools to keep them healthy.
Josh Billings #Fitness #Health

Photo of Josh Billings There's a lot of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven't the time to enjoy it.
Jillian Michaels #Fitness #Health #Mom

I've always believed fitness is an entry point to help you build that happier, healthier life. When your health is strong, you're capable of taking risks. You'll feel more confident to ask for the promotion. You'll have more energy to be a better mom. You'll feel more deserving of love.
Thomas Jefferson #Fitness #Health #Learning

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.
Gilbert K. Chesterton #Alone #Health

Man does not live by soap alone and hygiene, or even health, is not much good unless you can take a healthy view of it or, better still, feel a healthy indifference to it.
Elaine MacDonald #Fitness #Health

A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.
David Boreanaz #Dad #Health

Photo of David Boreanaz Growing up, I saw my dad do charity work for children with health issues. That had a profound effect on me.
Mehmet Oz #Diet #Health

Photo of Mehmet Oz I saw many people who had advanced heart disease and I was so frustrated because I knew if they just knew how to do the right thing, simple lifestyle and diet steps, that the entire trajectory of their life and health would have been different.
Audrey Hepburn #Happiness #Health

I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I'd invented it, because it is very true.
Joan Collins #Beauty #Food #Health

Photo of Joan Collins And I think of that again as I've written in several of my beauty books, a lot of health comes from the proper eating habits, which are something that - you know, I come from a generation that wasn't - didn't have a lot of food.
Benjamin Disraeli #Happiness #Health

Photo of Benjamin Disraeli The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.
Kerry Washington #Education #Health

Photo of Kerry Washington Today there are people trying to take away rights that our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought for: our right to vote, our right to choose, affordable quality education, equal pay, access to health care. We the people can't let that happen.
Arlen Specter #Education #Health

Strong advocacy for education, health care and worker safety will be indispensable if they are to get their fair share of President Bush's austere budget for the next fiscal year.
Dave Obey #Experience #Family #Health

Photo of Dave Obey Experience taught me that working families are often just one pay check away from economic disaster. And it showed me first-hand the importance of every family having access to good health care.
Arnold Schwarzenegger #Best #Health

Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.