Experience Quotes

Steve Jobs #Design #Experience

Photo of Steve Jobs A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.
Harry Callahan #Best #Experience #Teacher

Experience is the best teacher of all. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters.
Diane Keaton #Age #Experience #Freedom

Photo of Diane Keaton A sense of freedom is something that, happily, comes with age and life experience.
Jon Bon Jovi #Art #Experience

Photo of Jon Bon Jovi Piano playing is a dying art. I love the fact that I can be one guy with one instrument evoking an emotional and musical experience.
Lena Dunham #Amazing #Experience

Photo of Lena Dunham If you're writing, you're starting in private. It can really be this amazing, private, freeing experience. Forget that it's for other people - that comes in later.
Colin Farrell #Car #Experience

Photo of Colin Farrell Anything that's different from your own realm of experience as a human being, whether it's driving a car or a boat, or using guns, anything that separates you from yourself and leads you more towards this character's existence is a big help.
W. Clement Stone #Attitude #Experience #Failure #Learning #Positive #Success

Like success, failure is many things to many people. With Positive Mental Attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order and prepare to try again.
Rainer Maria Rilke #Art #Experience

Surely all art is the result of one's having been in danger, of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one can go any further.
John Dewey #Education #Experience

Photo of John Dewey The belief that all genuine education comes about through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative.
Mikhail Baryshnikov #Art #Experience

Photo of Mikhail Baryshnikov People of art should never get married and have children, because it's a selfish experience.
Friedrich Schiller #Beauty #Education #Experience

The key to education is the experience of beauty.
Joyce Maynard #Age #Experience

Photo of Joyce Maynard Many women my age have known the experience of giving up crucial parts of themselves to please the man they love.
Clarence Day #Age #Experience

Age should not have its face lifted, but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience and the firm line of character.
Lewis Mumford #Death #Experience #Fear

Without fullness of experience, length of days is nothing. When fullness of life has been achieved, shortness of days is nothing. That is perhaps why the young have usually so little fear of death they live by intensities that the elderly have forgotten.
Vaclav Havel #Age #Experience

It lies in human nature that where you experience your first laughs, you also remember the age kindly.
Les Brown #Courage #Dreams #Experience

It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams.
Albert Einstein #Art #Experience #Science

Photo of Albert Einstein The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.
Margaret J. Wheatley #Business #Experience #Nature

The nature of the global business environment guarantees that no matter how hard we work to create a stable and healthy organisation, our organisation will continue to experience dramatic changes far beyond our control.
Simon Mainwaring #Change #Experience

What is sure is that technological change is accelerating in all directions and, like children playing in a fountain, consumers are reveling in the experience.
Mike Myers #Amazing #Experience

Photo of Mike Myers And I thought, when I have kids, that's the sort of well told, silly, and fun fairy tale that I would want to take them to. But it was an amazing experience. And I think Shrek is a real classic, a fairy tale classic.
Michelle Williams #Education #Experience

Whatever education I got was from experience and reading. But I also realize I wouldn't pass my friend's sixth-grade class.
Deepak Chopra #Beauty #Experience #Leadership #Love #Truth

Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.
Woody Allen #Death #Experience

It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune.
Ansel Adams #Art #Experience #History #Nature #Science

Photo of Ansel Adams There are worlds of experience beyond the world of the aggressive man, beyond history, and beyond science. The moods and qualities of nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit.
Andrea Jung #Business #Change #Experience #Morning

Photo of Andrea Jung There are pros and cons of experience. A con is that you can't look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and as objectively as if you were a new CEO. Fire yourself on a Friday night and come in on Monday morning as if a search firm put you there as a turn-around leader. Can you be objective and make the bold change?