Courage Quotes

Osho #Courage #God #Love

Courage Is A Love Affair With The Unknown.

Source From Misery to Enlightenment, Talk #9

Norman D. Vaughan #Courage #Dreams #Inspirational #Motivational

Dream big and dare to fail.
Harry Emerson Fosdick #Best #Courage #Love #Nature

Photo of Harry Emerson Fosdick He who knows no hardships will know no hardihood. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton #Best #Courage

Photo of Elizabeth Cady Stanton The best protection any woman can have... is courage.
Dick Cheney #Business #Courage #Intelligence

Photo of Dick Cheney It's not just Bin Laden or just those that are involved in the counterterrorism effort. We've gotta cast the net broader than that. But I think it's a - very special tribute that we all owe to the bravery and courage of the men and women in the intelligence and military business who performed so well to finally get it done.
Bryant H. McGill #Change #Courage

Photo of Bryant H. McGill Change will never happen when people lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are.
Pericles #Alone #Courage #Freedom

Photo of Pericles Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.
Lady Gaga #Age #Courage

Photo of Lady Gaga In fact, my courage and my bravery at a young age was the thing I was bullied for, a kind of 'Who do you think you are?'
George W. Bush #Best #Courage

Photo of George W. Bush Great tragedy has come to us, and we are meeting it with the best that is in our country, with courage and concern for others because this is America. This is who we are.
Hans Urs von Balthasar #Beauty #Courage

Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance.
David Cameron #Amazing #Courage #Equality #Inspirational #Leadership

Photo of David Cameron Half a century ago, the amazing courage of Rosa Parks, the visionary leadership of Martin Luther King, and the inspirational actions of the civil rights movement led politicians to write equality into the law and make real the promise of America for all her citizens.
Mary McLeod Bethune #Change #Courage #Good #Power

Photo of Mary McLeod Bethune We have a powerful potential in out youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.
Eleanor Roosevelt #Best #Courage

Photo of Eleanor Roosevelt You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.
Maria Mitchell #Alone #Courage #Travel

I was a little doubtful about the propriety of going to the Mammoth Cave without a gentleman escort, but if two ladies travel alone they must have the courage of men.
Coventry Patmore #Courage

Photo of Coventry Patmore To him that waits all things reveal themselves, provided that he has the courage not to deny, in the darkness, what he has seen in the light.
Stanislaus I #Courage

Have the courage to face a difficulty lest it kick you harder than you bargain for.
Prescott Bush #Courage

I emphasize... that the Harrimans showed great courage and loyalty and confidence in us, because three or four of us were really running the business, the day to day business.
James Robinson #Courage

Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery - courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things.
Whitney M. Young #Courage

Support the strong, give courage to the timid, remind the indifferent, and warn the opposed.
William Slim #Courage

Moral courage is higher and a rarer virtue than physical courage.
William Wells Brown #Courage

Photo of William Wells Brown People don't follow titles, they follow courage.
Nancy Keenan #Courage

I know this president. And I can tell you that he cares deeply about the next generation of young women in this country - his daughters, and everyone's daughters. President Obama had the courage to stand with Sandra Fluke. Without hesitation, he defended her right to tell her story.
Ben Gazzara #Courage

It's up to the courage of the filmmakers to make art in cinema, not just business. John was rejected by studios, he borrowed money and did movies with his own money. You're either courageous or not. You have to find a way.
Barry Lopez #Courage

We simply do not understand our place in the universe and have not the courage to admit it.
Romeo LeBlanc #Courage

If I am to be known for anything, I would like it to be for encouraging Canadians, for knowing a little bit about their daily, extraordinary courage. And for wanting that courage to be recognized.