Cool Quotes

Rutina Wesley #Cool

Photo of Rutina Wesley I'm in a comic book now. That was cool. That's something that I'm still sorta reeling about, 'cause I read comics as a kid. Someone drew me, and actually did a pretty good job!
Kodi Smit-McPhee #Cool

Photo of Kodi Smit-McPhee I thought that 'Twilight' would be a kind of girl movie, but it was cool.
Jim Sturgess #Cool

Photo of Jim Sturgess Definitely River Phoenix is somebody that I thought, 'This guy is very cool.' I wanted to be like him when I was a kid.
John Dobbin #Cool

Internet mailing lists are like Fox television shows. They have really cool previews, and they get you all excited about them, but they just don't live up to their promises.
Freddie Prinze, Jr. #Cool

I was raised to believe in myself. I know I'm cool. I'm not trying to brag or say I'm the man or anything like that. I don't lie or cheat, and I'm not mean to anybody. I treat people with respect.
Freddie Prinze, Jr. #Cool

When I was in school I read a lot of comic books and pretend I was in them and kids would tease me and call me names. But now I do the same things and people say that I'm artistic and cool and I'm doing the exact same thing I did in high school.
Charlotte Arnold #Cool #Travel

Photo of Charlotte Arnold I hated the idea of a high school sweetheart. Growing up, oh my God, it just made me sick. I wanted to have a range of cool boyfriends. I wanted to travel around and date these interesting men. Then it just happened. You fall in love.
Tania Raymonde #Cool

The cool thing about working and meeting a lot of people through your acting is that you never know who you might work with, in the future.
Rae Dawn Chong #Cool

My sister and I said, Dad, are you doing to do anything about that? And he mentioned treatments other people sent him that he'd been working on. So we thought it would be kind of cool to give these guys a real script.
Lizzie Brochere #Cool #Famous

In France, we don't yet have the craft that American TV does or big studios like Paramount. It was so cool going through those famous gates when you have your own little pass and picture on it. Woo hoo, I'm going to work!
Zac Hanson #Cool

Photo of Zac Hanson It's cool to have critical success because it's always nice for your peers to say, 'Good job.' But who cares about them?
Harold Perrineau #Cool

Photo of Harold Perrineau I get to hang out with people I think are awesome, and do work I think is awesome. It's really cool.
Candace Cameron #Cool

The cool thing about my profession is that I can do it until the day I die.
William Henry Hudson #Cool

Photo of William Henry Hudson Now that we are cool, he said, and regret that we hurt each other, I am not sorry that it happened.
Tone Loc #Cool

But Freedom Strike was actually quite cool.
Owen Wilson #Cool

You can think of Hollywood as high school. TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors - they're the cool seniors.
Jazmine Sullivan #Cool

Photo of Jazmine Sullivan I'm cool with where I'm at. It's certain things I wanna do to be better, but I'm good.
Burl Ives #Cool

Photo of Burl Ives The cool wind blew in my face and all at once I felt as if I had shed dullness from myself. Before me lay a long gray line with a black mark down the center. The birds were singing. It was spring.
Brittany Daniel #Cool #Humor

Photo of Brittany Daniel Comedy is so hard to do, so it was very cool to do dead pan humor.
Charlotte Rae #Cool #Mom

Photo of Charlotte Rae They very seldom let me lose my cool. They made me like I was Polly Perfect, which was ridiculous so that when I bump into kids on the street they'd say 'I wish my Mom were like you.'
Eric Wareheim #Cool

Photo of Eric Wareheim There's nothing less funny than someone who looks cool. There's nothing more unappealing.
Matthew McConaughey #Cool

Photo of Matthew McConaughey There aren't many things that are universally cool, and it's cool not to litter. I'd never do it.
Shooter Jennings #Cool

L.A.'s cool I had a run with it to where it just pretty much wore me out. I love the weather and I have great friends there, great family, but I really cannot take a lot of the culture. Like Nashville, where everybody's a songwriter, everybody out there is an actor.
William Kempe #Cool

I used to do this as a kid. And now they're paying me for it, which is cool.
Rob Glaser #Cool

Personally, I just got one of these Vonage IP phones. It's actually pretty cool. It comes with one of these Cisco ATA routers where you just plug an analog handset in.