Stanislaw Lec

Stanisław Jerzy Lec (Polish pronunciation: [staˈɲiswaf ˈjɛʐɨ lɛts]; 6 March 1909 – 7 May 1966), born Baron Stanisław Jerzy de Tusch-Letz, was a Polish aphorist and poet. Often mentioned among the greatest writers of post-war Poland, he was one of the more influential aphorists on the 20th century, known for lyrical poetry and skeptical philosophical-moral aphorisms, often with a political subtext.


Stanislaw Lec Quotes

Stanislaw Lec #Age #Art #Nature #Work

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.
Stanislaw Lec #Patience

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.
Stanislaw Lec #Trust

Don't trust the heart, it wants your blood.
Stanislaw Lec #War

In a war of ideas it is people who get killed.
Stanislaw Lec #Change

When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.