Lord Byron

George Gordon Byron (later Noel), 6th Baron Byron, FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824), commonly known simply as Lord Byron, was an English poet and a leading figure in the Romantic movement. Among his best-known works are the lengthy narrative poems Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, and the short lyric "She Walks in Beauty". Byron is regarded as one of the greatest British poets, and remains widely read and influential. He travelled widely across Europe, especially in Italy where he lived for seven years. Later in life, Byron joined the Greek War of Independence fighting the Ottoman Empire, for which many Greeks revere him as a national hero. He died in 1824 at the young age of 36 from a fever contracted while in Missolonghi. Often described as the most flamboyant and notorious of the major Romantics, Byron was both celebrated and castigated in life for his aristocratic exce... More


Lord Byron Quotes

Lord Byron #Age #Best

This is the patent age of new inventions for killing bodies, and for saving souls. All propagated with the best intentions.
Lord Byron #Alone

I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.
Lord Byron #Architecture #Poetry

A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress.
Lord Byron #Best

Man, being reasonable, must get drunk the best of life is but intoxication.
Lord Byron #Business

If we must have a tyrant, let him at least be a gentleman who has been bred to the business, and let us fall by the axe and not by the butcher's cleaver.
Lord Byron #Change #Truth

Opinions are made to be changed - or how is truth to be got at?
Lord Byron #Death

'Tis very certain the desire of life prolongs it.
Lord Byron #Death #Men

Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, And yet a third of life is passed in sleep.
Lord Byron #Fear #Love #Valentine's Day

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.
Lord Byron #Freedom

America is a model of force and freedom and moderation - with all the coarseness and rudeness of its people.
Lord Byron #Friendship #Love

Friendship may, and often does, grow into love, but love never subsides into friendship.
Lord Byron #Friendship #Love

Friendship is Love without his wings!
Lord Byron #Future

Smiles form the channels of a future tear.
Lord Byron #God

Out of chaos God made a world, and out of high passions comes a people.
Lord Byron #Great #Wedding

I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all.
Lord Byron #Great

I have a great mind to believe in Christianity for the mere pleasure of fancying I may be damned.
Lord Byron #Great

They never fail who die in a great cause.
Lord Byron #Happiness

All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin.
Lord Byron #Hope #Truth

But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of Existence the least touch of truth rubs it off, and then we see what a hollow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of.
Lord Byron #Jealousy

Lovers may be - and indeed generally are - enemies, but they never can be friends, because there must always be a spice of jealousy and a something of Self in all their speculations.
Lord Byron #Knowledge #Life #Wisdom

Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.
Lord Byron #Love

Absence - that common cure of love.
Lord Byron #Love

Who loves, raves.
Lord Byron #Age #Alone

What is the worst of woes that wait on age? What stamps the wrinkle deeper on the brow? To view each loved one blotted from life's page, And be alone on earth, as I am now.
Lord Byron #Men

Men think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world whereas nothing rises quicker than dust, straw, and feathers.